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New Wi-Fi and Firewall

From Term 4 2018, students are now required to connect their devices to the internet through the new Wi-Fi network. The new network is called StPauls-BYOD. For a guide on how to connect your devices click here. To read about the change and how it will affect your internet usage, read here. Use this link to request sites to be unblocked.

New Plagiarism Service for Student Assignments

All assignments handed in through Google Classroom now get automatically run through the plagiarism service Unicheck. If students want to check the originality score of their assignments before handing them in, you may use the Unicheck Google docs plugin. This plugin allows students to check 50 pages per year, to activate the plugin, click the link in the email sent to all students from You will no longer need to use TurnItIn.

2018 Testimonial Forms for Scholarship Applications

This year testimonial forms for senior students will be done in Google Docs. Visit this page for more information: Testimonial Forms

2018 Student Homework Diary

All students have access to an online homework diary in 2018. When accessing the myHomework app, students need to sign in using their School Google account. Students can add homework assigned in class manually using the plus symbol at the top right of the diary. Teachers can also set homework using the hashtags #HW or #Homework from Google Classroom which is imported directly into student diaries. Find out more about about the student diary here.

Academic Files:

House Competition:

IT Support Guides for Students:

Technical Support Office:

The Technical Support Office is based downstairs in B Block next to the tuck shop.


All students and staff can connect their personal devices to the school wifi network. Connect to StPauls_BYOD - use the connection password mizone12 (This is a one off password and isn't private). Once connected it will ask you to authenticate using your network username and password.

Student Computer User Agreement:

All users of the school network must have agreed to the terms stated in the agreement located here: Computer User Agreement.