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Parking Permit - Day
Diving Permit - Boarder

Itinerant Music Lessons 2023

Students can find the itinerant music timetable here.

Student Study Guide

Studying can be very overwhelming, but it does not have to be. Often teachers seem to expect you to do hours of studying for weeks in advance of exams. We recommend having a plan and sticking to it. The academic prefect group has put together a student study guide here.

Grammarly Premium 2022

You may need to log out and back in to access premium again, if you have been using it in 2021. All students and staff have access to Grammarly premium. To sign in to your school Grammarly account visit this link. It will either ask you to sign in to your school Google account or if you are already signed in, it will redirect you to your account. You will also need to either download the Chrome plugin or Safari Plugin. See Mr Ward if you have any issues.

Adobe Creative Suite for students 2022

All students taking Art, Design, Digital Technology, and Media studies are required to get the Adobe Creative Suite software for these subjects. This Includes Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro, Lightroom. Download

Wellbeing Toolkit

If you are finding things tough, feeling stuck or want to improve your overall wellbeing, take some time to browse through our Wellbeing Toolkit.

Mission, Outreach & Service

To create opportunities for students at St Paul’s Collegiate School which are life-giving, life changing as well is having a positive impact upon those whom they seek to serve. The consistent objective in all of our service programs is to ensure that they are transformational: life changing for our students in order to inspire them to continue to serve their community in whatever shape or form that might take in the future.

For more information on mission, outreach & service visit the information site here.

Tertiary Scholarship Applications / Testimonial

The following site has been set up to aid students wishing to apply for scholarships or get a testimonial from the school. Please use this link to access the site.

Adaptability - Learning to Bend

27/10/2021 - What does adaptability mean to you? To me it means the practice of learning how to bend. If we can practice bending, being adaptable...

Stress Management, Releasing Emotions

21/10/2021 - You may have heard the saying that we should, “live life to the fullest.” It sounds simple but it can be hard to do in real life...

Focusing on what you can control

6/9/2021 - A helpful tool to maintain mental wellbeing is to focus on the things you can control. We can often find ourselves thinking and worrying...

Boosting positives & undoing negative bias

3/9/2021 - If you sometimes have a strong negative bias where you tend to see what is wrong in the world rather than what is going well in...

Chapel Services and Assemblies

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House Competition:

IT Support Guides for Students:

Technical Support Office:

The Technical Support Office is based downstairs in B Block next to the tuck shop.

Student Computer User Agreement:

All users of the school network must have agreed to the terms stated in the agreement located here: Computer User Agreement.